Hey Beautiful, Fierce Warriors!

🔥Sometimes you just need to fire things up to help clear the way for amazing transformation to happen.

Pancake Ollie, Simba & I have a YogaBlaast! (intro) class for You to help You tap into your Fierce & Fearless & transform! 😻😻😻🧘‍♀️...

Take a closer look at my painting and Yoga Mat, "Abhaya" and learn more about it's intention to remind us to be Fearless in life, acting from a place of love. Then practice a Yoga sequence that I created for you so you can fire up your own Fearless Warrio...

Kali is the Goddess of beginnings/endings, enlightenment, liberation. She’s fierce, she’s fearless. She gets down and dirty for sure- as she takes on and defeats the most powerful of demons. Read more to find out how tapping into Her energy can help you transform.

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