Hey Warriors! ⚔😝🤘

Here's an opportunity to fire up your fierce & kick up your transformation. Grab your Yoga mat- & your sword- because I'm taking things “On the Mat"!

Join me Thursdays 7am AND Saturdays 10am EST on RVN TV 👉👈 for a Yoga practice-Inspired by the Warrior Spirit & Compassionate Heart of the Hindu Goddess Kali.

Utilizing concepts from CSVY (which is a safer- more effective way to practice Yoga) you will learn how to use your deep core line and personal body alignment to Create power in your body, focus in your mind and ease with your breath. “On the Mat” practices are designed in a way that will meet you wherever you are in your journey. Whether you have never stepped onto a Yoga Mat or have been practicing for years -or lifetimes 😘 - there will be an abundance “On the Mat” to strengthen, open, elevate & empower you for when you step Off the Mat and into your life.

Set an intention and turn that intention into your reality with an uplifting, Kali-Inspired Yoga practice. Some mornings will be chill, and some you will be given the opportunity to fire up your fierce & sweat- every morning you will be given the opportunity to Grab a Sword, Slay some demons & shine even brighter.

See YOU “On the Mat” Thursdays @ 7am on RVN TV 👉👉



"On the Mat w/ Lauri" 

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Check out the "The Well Deserved Podcast" that I did with the wonderful 

​Matt Taylor- The Natural Guinea Pig! 💙💙💙

Among other things, we chat about mindset during quarantine- Mary Poppins was right- It does all depend on your Perspective. 😘

Be sure to check out all the amazing things Matt has to offer >>>


Brushes With Cancer' Brings Hope, Inspiration


The artwork on display inside Philadelphia's Old City Jewish Art Center shows what it's like to battle cancer and to be the loved one of those lost to cancer. (Published Wednesday, Oct 2, 2019

Credit: Katy Zachry)

Screenshot (609).png
9-25-19 Brushes with Cancer exhibit 6_15

One Tank Trip: 'Brushes with Cancer' exhibit

By: B Mallett

  • Posted: Sep 25, 2019 06:04 PM EDT

       Updated: Sep 25, 2019 06:04 PM EDT


PHILADELPHIA - On North Third Street in Philadelphia, you'll find the Old City Jewish Art Gallery, an intimate space with 27 pieces of art. Each one was created by a different artist. Each one was inspired by someone.

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