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Be Fierce ~ Be Free ~ Be YOU

Kali Soul Art & Yoga was born from the realization that in order to grow, sometimes it is necessary to grab a sword and slay some demons. I offer Kali Soul Art & Yoga as a tool to help You be the You that you were meant to be. To find total authenticity, creativity, and freedom to design your own life your own way. Through the practice of Yoga, & the inspiration of Art, I will help you release your blocks, tap into your creative force and create CHANGE. Create change that is guided by your heart, and supported by your core- so You can transform from the inside- out! 

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I am Kali Soul Art & Yoga, I am Lauri Andreacchio:

I am a Yogini, an artist, an athlete, a mother, a wife, a friend, a student, a teacher. I am a Fierce Warrior of Light and Compassion, I am Kali Soul Art & Yoga, I am Lauri Andreacchio and much more...


Be Fierce ~ Be Free ~ Be YOU


Artist's Statement

Based on realism my paintings are an expressionistic view of my life. My experiences as a Yoga instructor as well as my personal Yoga practice have allowed my work to deepen & become more exploratory. Sensuous experiences, conflicts and choices with which I am confronted and the desire to create my own experience and world are addressed in my paintings. While my paintings are all based on observations of nature, the work reflects varying degrees of subjectiveness. There is a continuous process of discovery as the piece develops. I begin with a very basic concept of what I want to convey and then viscerally respond- with color and gesture-to what happens as the painting matures. The work- as a whole- is about getting beyond all of the barriers that stand between me and finding truth. As the facades dissolve, I can explore what lies deeper. The layers- protection, judgment, doubt, censorship, etc- are peeling away as I expose and enter into the core of who I truly am. My work is a part of the chronicle of my life

- my search for: my Self... my Soul... Spirit.




Yoga Training & Style

Yoga Alliance certified Yoga instructor since 2004, Lauri has been practicing Yoga since 1999. A former record holding high school and collegiate diver, Lauri has not only been studying relaxation & meditation for over 35 years, she has been mastering the use of these techniques herself- as an athlete and in her daily life as well.

Lauri is grateful for the opportunity to deepen her own practice & to enhance her teaching by studying with Internationally renowned Yoga Masters: Erich Schiffmann, Sadie Nardini, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, & Duncan Wong, as well as Dr. Nagendra & Dr. Sridar (both from the SVYASA school of Yoga in India). She is particularly thankful for guidance given to her by Anne DiDomenico, Dr. Veena Gandhi & especially "Bluefeather"- Marcus Evans- who first introduced her to the infinite  possibility of the mind, body and spirit.

Lauri loves to mix it up in her practice and what she teaches. Although her main focus is on Core Stregth Vinyasa Yoga (CSVY), she enjoys learning and sharing techniques from a variety of disciplines. Movements and meditations from various Yoga influences, Qigong, Kung Fu, Music, & Sound Healing or even some HIIT training could show up at any time in her classes.

Ultimately her goal is to assist her students in being the most amazing versions of themselves that they can be.

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Create the Life of Your Dreams


There is more than one way to slay a demon and create a rainbow- thankfully! So join Lauri on "Off the Mat" as she offers You all kinds of holistic resources to "Create the Life of Your Dreams"! Experts in fields such as Alternative Health, Music, Food, Nutrition, Fitness and- of course- Art & Yoga will stop by and share their brilliance with YOU. Lauri and her guests will bring you a variety of practices, techniques & inspiration- tools for you to take "Off the Mat"and apply in your own life to enhance, elevate & empower as You build the most amazing version of Your Self- EVER!!

... "Create the Life of Your Dreams" on "Off the Mat" Thursday's- 10:30am EST @!

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"Time to put on your big girl panties & Kali Up"



Marlton, New Jersey, USA


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