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Artist's Statement

Based on realism my paintings are an expressionistic view of my life. My experiences as a Yoga instructor as well as my personal Yoga practice have allowed my work to deepen & become more exploratory. Sensuous experiences, conflicts and choices with which I am confronted and the desire to create my own experience and world are addressed in my paintings. While my paintings are all based on observations of nature, the work reflects varying degrees of subjectiveness. There is a continuous process of discovery as the piece develops. I begin with a very basic concept of what I want to convey and then viscerally respond- with color and gesture-to what happens as the painting matures. The work- as a whole- is about getting beyond all of the barriers that stand between me and finding truth. As the facades dissolve, I can explore what lies deeper. The layers- protection, judgment, doubt, censorship, etc- are peeling away as I expose and enter into the core of who I truly am. My work is a part of the chronicle of my life

- my search for: my Self... my Soul... Spirit.

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