36" x 48" Oil on Canvas, Gallery wrapped, painted edges, wired and ready to hang


This piece is particularly important to me, because I think of  Fear, not hate, as the opposite of Love. Fear is what blocks us from becoming our truest, most amazing selves. I am grateful for any assistance that I can get to step through the fear when it arises, as I am constantly striving to step through it as it presents itself,This piece depicts Buddha in the Abhaya (Fearlessness) Mudra. Open palm, nothing to fear, nothing to hide...A mudra is a bodily posture or symbolic gesture. In Buddhisticonography every buddha is depicted with a characteristicgesture of the hands. Such gestures correspond to naturalgestures (of teaching, protecting, and so on) and also to certainaspects of the Buddhist teaching or of the particular buddhadepicted

Oil Painting- Abhaya

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