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Infused with the affirmation "I Am Balanced & Radiant"- This piece depicts the true inner glow of Love that we all are. Tenzin is a Tibetan given name, meaning "the holder of Buddha Dharma"- the upholder of teachings. Tenzin peruses truth, knowledge and  freedom and has the potential to be a very influential man. At full maturity Tenzin is likely to be a very peaceful and poised individual. 

Yoga Mat- "Tenzin" - I Am Balanced & Radiant

SKU: 217537123517253
  • The eco-conscious mat design is totally free of latex, BPAs and phthalates, and made right here in the USA. The print process is done with non-toxic, solvent-free, light cured inks.

    It's a comfortable 1/4" thick, and 24" wide by an extra long 72" 

    *Printed on both sides

    A suggested initial rise with warm water and a mild soap will help expedite the remove of any residual film from the print process.

    Care for your mat is as simple as an occasional rinse with warm water, a soft cloth, and mild soap. You may also use a variety of gentle pil-free yoga mat cleaners already available as well as home made mat cleaners, without compromising the integrity of the art. If you notice oil or dermal build up simply clean with an acidic based cleaner such as lemon juice.


    These mats are best suited for "dry" yoga, unless covered by a towel, and will become stickier with use.


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