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Abhaya- Fearlessness

Take a closer look at my painting and Yoga Mat, "Abhaya" and learn more about it's intention to remind us to be Fearless in life, acting from a place of love. Then practice a Yoga sequence that I created for you so you can fire up your own Fearless Warrior of Love!

Abhaya is a Sanskrit word that means Fearlessness. A Mudra is a hand gesture, or a seal that has the ability to influence energy of the physical, emotional & spiritual bodies. It links the brain to the body and has the ability to sooth pain, stimulate endorphins. They can change your mood and increase vitality.

Typically a Mudra is done using the hands and fingers, but it can also be a full body expression as well. A few examples are: "The Sign of Intelligence" (joining the tips of the index finger & thumb)- used to connect to concentration and focus your intelligence; "Empowerment Mudra"- to empower (Clasping hands together v& extending pointer fingers together) AKA Charlie's Angel's Mudra ;-)

The intention of the painting is to serve as a reminder to get that warrior, fearless aspect of you and use it as you go throughout your day. If something comes to you and causes a reaction, a negative reaction, take a pause and remind yourself to be Fearless. In order to be Fearless you need to be Love. ...So What would love do? So take a pause and come from a place Love. So you are not reacting you are making an intelligent choice that will serve Your greater good and ultimately the greater good of those around you.

Infused with the affirmation "I Am Fearless"- This piece is particularly important to me, because I think of Fear, not hate, as the opposite of Love. Fear is what blocks us from becoming our truest, most amazing selves. I am grateful for any assistance that I can get to step through the fear when it arises, as I am constantly striving to step through it as it presents itself.

I invite you to bring "Abhaya- Fearlessness" into YOUR Yoga Practice & life! The empowering affirmation will assist you in revealing your most authentic, spectacular self. You can purchase the affirmation-infused original painting and Yoga mat- and more- here>>

Practice & Live with Intention and watch your life transform!


XO Lauri~ Kali Soul Art & Yoga

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