Body Mudras to Shake Things Up in 2020

Break out of the ordinary with 3 unconventional, fun Body Mudras

Clear the way for your true self to soar!

Sometimes you need to shake things up to move yourself forward. Whether you are stuck in a pattern and you are just over it, bored with your current Yoga practice or just want to experience something new for the New Year. Moving in a playful, creative way- not being concerned if you are "doing it right" is a wonderful way clear the way, tap into your creativity, & fierce, reprogram and manifest your dreams.

Sit for a few minutes before you start to zero in on what it is you want and: joy, abundance, balance, freedom, self-love... Set an intention stating what it is that you want and create an affirmation/mantra to infuse into your practice. ie: "I Am joyful", I Am Balanced", "I Am Free to Manifest My Most Spectacular Dream"... Remind yourself that you "are all that and a bag of chips!" And repeat your mantra throughout your practice to yourself or out loud!

Now let the fun begin! Start playing with these movements. Put your favorite music on & crank it up! Be silly, be fearless, be freed as you slide into the power the of the Hindu god Ganesha- remover of obstacles to help you create your new beginning and let your true self sore!

Slip into each of the three mudras individually first, then flow on the breath from one into the next, creating a rhythmic sequence.

Explore an be curious with your sequence and simply allowing yourself to be moved from one pose to another- your own rhythm, your own way. Try closing your eyes to bring your focus more internal. Flow through and combine with more traditional poses, make up your own poses, dance, sing your mantra as you move your beautiful body, there's no right or wrong.

For some extra fun:

~Try sprinkling these body mudras in your day when you're feeling stuck or sluggish- when you need to "shake things up"

~Set an alarm to an arbitrary time and strike one of these poses wherever you are when the alarm goes off. :-)

Be Fierce ~ Be Free ~ Be You

xoxo~ Lauri

*Step Into the Magic Body Mudra

Every time we practice we step into the magic.

Let go of trying to be normal so that you can be your unique,

wonderful self.

Let's start on the left side.

Begin with your feet together in Mountain Pose

and on your breath, take a small step back with your left foot,

winging your left arm up into the sky and your right hand at your heart.

Both hands are in A-OK or Jnana Mudra.

The arms can land wherever they do,

this is not exact.

photos by Dante Andreacchio