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Stay Centered in Your Light YogaBlaast!✨

The holidays can be overwhelming and stressful... If YOU Let it happen. Take charge. Set yourself up for a Joyful experience by scaling back if needed, not over scheduling, and taking time during each day for yourself to reset. A reset can be achieved in a little as a few breaths or a whole day of self-pampering.

For example... at anytime throughout the day whenever it occurs to you (or you can set a reminder) -

✨Simply pause, take a few moments to focus on your breath

✨Remind Yourself to breath softly & relax/soften a little bit more with each exhalation

✨Then repeat the Affirmation, "I Am Brilliant Light" to remind Yourself of your truth.

✨Then continue on with your day- more focused and more centered in Your Light 🌟💜✨💥


And here's a *YogaBlaast! designed to help you lighten-up and set you up for a glorious Holiday Season.

Let this fired up practice help you Shed Excess Weight (energetically & physically), Stay Centered in Your Light & Sparkle Bright-er so you can experience a stress-free, Joyful Holiday Season!

You can utilize this practice anyway that serves you best. Use the Centering at the beginning, or the Savasana at the end individually when you want to keep it short. Sprinkle a Or give yourself permission to take the whole class WITH an EXTRA LONG Savasana! There's no wrong way!

Wishing You the most Joyous Holiday Season Ever! XO~ Lauri, Simba🧘‍♀️😻

✨Be sure to check out my You Tube station for a variety of practices to help you be an even more Glorious You! Please let me know if there is anything you would like me to feature in a practice.

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*Find your Fierce, Fearless, Fabulous Warrior in my unique, high-energy, fun fusion of Yoga, Martial Arts, HIIT, plyometric & isometric movements, music, and meditation! We're going to mix it up! Sun Salutations and Warrior poses are woven with sequences of kicks and punches, strengthening and conditioning moves, & balancing your muscular strength and flexibility- with a particular focus on the core. Reward yourself with a cooling Savasana finish. YogaBlaast! is dynamic and challenging, yet accessible. It offers the & mental and spiritual lift of yoga with the physical benefits of a cardiovascular and strength workout.

This uplifting class will unleash your inner warrior, leaving you feeling Empowered, Energized- and Sweaty! well as Peaceful and Relaxed. And it's a great way to let go and shed excess weight- physically and mentally!

(Don't worry, modifications and variations are provided so beginning through advanced YogaBlaasters will be accommodated.)


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